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thermostatic shower repair

Thermostatic Shower Repairs

A thermostatic shower has an internal thermostat which automatically maintains the water at a selected temperature despite any fluctuations in the hot or cold water supply.

There a two principle faults that develop in thermostatic shower valves:

  • The escape of water. Either through the shower head, when the valve is turned to the off position, or from the shower body itself in the form of a leak or drip.
  • Failure to hold the set temperature. Often referred to as ‘temperature fluctuation’

Diagnosing a fault with a mechanical device like a thermostatic shower valve can be compared to a doctor trying to find the cause of your illness. The symptoms only point you to the likely cause of the illness. The cure comes from running tests, both external and internal, to the shower valve until the cause of the symptoms is discovered and treated.

Mixer Shower Repairs

A mixer shower simply mixers the hot and cold supply to a manually adjusted temperature. The most common faults experienced in these showers are directly as a result of lime-scale build up within the shower which can result in the controls becoming stiff to use or a leak from the shower head or shower controls.

A shower servicing, sometimes requiring a new internal mixing cartridge or seals will solve 9 out of 10 problems with mixer showers.

Electric Shower Repairs

Electric Showers act as a mini boiler as they heat the incoming cold water to a desired temperature within the shower unit itself. They are in effect very efficient kettles.

Just like a kettle the boiling of ‘London water’ eventually results in a coating of lime-scale within the shower unit. Depending on how hard the water in your postcode is you should expect to replace an electric shower unit every 2-5 years.

Faults in electric showers are mainly as a result of lime scale build up within the unit or an electrical fault caused by an internal leak. Any failed components can be replaced. We can repair and fit any make or model of electric shower.

Power Shower Repairs

Power showers may look similar to an electric shower but they are different in the fact that they require both a hot and cold water supply. Instead of a heating unit they have pump. A power shower increases the pressure of the water in order to give a better shower experience.

Faults are usually related to an electrical supply, trapped air or pump motor.

Our London handyman can help diagnose, repair or replace a faulty power shower.

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